So, how does this thing work? Breaking down Oprah's 'Big Give'

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The contestants:
Clueless that they've been chosen to partake in the "Big Give" (though one would think the cameras in front of them is some kind of inkling they've got the in, right?) ten people are picked and challenged to see who can be the biggest giver. (In true Oprah fashion, she calls each of the contestants to tell them the news)

Thumbs up: Don't worry, you don't have to sit through weeks of giver auditions. This isn't "Idol" and Oprah gets right down to business.

How they do it:
Contestants are given $2,500 and the name and picture of who they've been challenged to help and that's it -- they know absolutely nothing else about why the person they're helping really needs help. Using their wit and stratedy, they've got to come up with ways to help beyong the $2,500 they've been give. Three celeb judges (smells a little like "Idol") then judge the contestants on their performance. Each week, someone's kicked off the island and the last man standing gets a million bucks -- though the candidates don't know there's a prize at all.

Thumbs down: I know it's the nature of the show, but since when was helping anyone at all not good enough?

Who's judging?
Chef Jamie Oliver (the Simon), NFL star Tony Gonzalez (the Randy) and Chris Rock's wife Malaak Compton-Rock (the Paula) -- all three of who have done charitable work in one way or another.

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