'Idol' meets 'Home Makeover' in new Oprah reality show

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She's mastered the challenge of producing a long-running daytime television show (a successful one at that), but can the Oprah phenom and her successful following translate into a hit reality TV show?

I screened Winfrey's latest TV venture yesterday and wonder whether the "Big Give" will be a big hit among TV watchers already saturated with more reality television than they need. Remember the good days when you watched TV just to escape from reality?

Will philanthropy fly as a reality TV show? Read Sun-Times features writer Misha Davenport's read on the new show, and check back when we live blog the show Sunday at 8 p.m.


By Misha Davenport Staff Reporter
Having conquered daytime television, the publishing industry, Broadway and the American electoral system, Oprah Winfrey now has her sights on reality television.

"Oprah's Big Give," premiering tonight, features 10 contestants (including a Chicagoan, 37-year-old Amtrak attendant Marlene Snipes, as well as an ex-Chicagoan, 23-year-old pageant queen Brandi Milloy) competing each week to see who can hand out the most cash and change a complete stranger's life in a unique way.

Scratch that. Not a complete stranger. Given that reality TV has shown us that people are willing to lie, cheat and steal for their 15 minutes of fame, the needy featured on "OBG" no doubt have been carefully screened and deemed worthy by Harpoland.

Though the 10 contestants are allegedly unaware of there being anything in it for them (other than the ego boost that comes from being on a reality show), they're actually competing for a $1 million prize.

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