Hit or miss: What they're saying about the 'Big Give'

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'Oprah's Big Give' adds idealism to reality TV (Cleveland Plain Dealer)
"Reality television often is attacked for encouraging greed, deceit and meanness. Certainly these are the stock in trade for many of the competition shows.

Can a reality show make it by encouraging generosity, charity and altruism? Oprah Winfrey thinks so."
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'Oprah's Big Give' is a race for the good (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)
"The old radio and TV tear-jerker "Queen for a Day" was the prototype for a certain kind of good-deed reality TV format that's due for a return. It's now apparent that this sort of program has been waiting for the veneer of uplift and quasi-spirituality that only Oprah could give it."
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Goodwill is spread on 'Oprah's Big Give' (Newsday)
"Pathos on parade. That's how one TV industry executive summed up to me the latest trend in reality TV. Exemplified by the much-hyped ABC premiere of "Oprah's Big Give" (Sunday at 9 p.m.), it's all about feel-good philanthropy aiding the unfortunate. Like ABC's earlier-evening hit "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" and Oprah Winfrey's own megasmash daytime talkfest/giveaway, the idea is to help worthy souls in need with funds, goods and services."
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In 'Oprah's Big Give,' charity is the winner (L.A. Times)

"LET'S get it out of the way up front: I absolutely cried. Twice. Of all its potential uses, television's ability to emotionally manipulate is one of its most underused. It has frequently entertained, sometimes shocked, and maybe not-quite-often-enough educated. But for the medium to blatantly abuse the goodwill of its viewers, to demand full-throated feeling above and beyond intellectual engagement, is a recent innovation."
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'Oprah's Big Give' blessed with a big heart (Mercury News)
"When Oprah does reality TV, don't count on any back-stabbing or bug-eating. That's just not her style. Instead, you'll find plenty of heartwarming stories and feel-good moments in "Oprah's Big Give," an absorbing new series that represents the first venture into the genre for the media mogul."
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'Oprah's Big Give' puts good works in a bad light (USA Today)
"How can earning a spot in heaven compare with a place in prime time? Anyone old-fashioned enough to believe in keeping acts of righteousness private should give a wide berth to Oprah's Big Give (ABC, Sunday, 9 ET/PT), Queen for a Day as reinterpreted by the Queen of All Media. An Apprentice-type game that turns charity into a competitive sport, Give will strike you as immensely uplifting or horrifyingly vulgar, or an odd combo of both."
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It's O-time again (RedEye)
"Tears. Fighting. Racing against the clock. Mounting pressure. Competitive streaks. It all means one thing: DRAMA—just what every successful reality show needs."
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