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Nate gives inside look at new show

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Oprah pal Nate Berkus says there's serious drama going on during O's new primetime show "Oprah's Big Give."

"Tears, fighting, all this stuff," he says. "It becomes truly insane."

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'New Earth' an instant hit among readers

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Even for an Oprah Winfrey book pick, A New Earth has been a sensation.

About 3.5 million copies of Eckhart Tolle’s spiritual self-help guide have been shipped since Winfrey announced her selection four weeks ago, according to the Associated Press. The book has topped the best seller list on Amazon.com virtually from the moment Winfrey’s choice was revealed and is the fastest-selling pick ever at Barnes & Noble, Inc., according to a statement issued Thursday by Winfrey.

Move over Jen. More of some of Oprah's best pals are making cameo appearances on her "Big Give." Look for long-time friend and frequent show guest John Travolta to drop in on the excitement, as well as hollywood star Jada Pinkett Smith

This week on Oprah

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Monday, Feb. 25: An Oprah Exclusive: Valerie Bertinelli on living a lie. The popular start of One Day at a Time opens up for the first time about everything from her 20-year-marriage to rocker Eddit Van Halen to drug use and her battle with weight.

Tuesday, Feb. 26: Welcome back to the '80s: It's happy days for "O" as she welcomes TV legend "The Fonz" Henry Winkler and outer space's favorite captain William Shatner.

Wednesday, Feb. 27: Living on the Edge: How far would you go? Oprah show investigator Lisa Ling on living a "freegan" lifestyle -- how a once successful woman went from being a business exec to dumpser diving to make food.

Thursday, Feb. 28: The New Midlife. Meet women who are changing the way we think of the middle ages and what you have to look forward to as you get older.

Friday, Feb. 29: Ready to give big? Oprah's kicks offer her new primetime ABC show "Oprah's Big Give" Friday. Meet the judges and get a behind the scenes look from show host and longtime Oprah sidekick Nate Berkus.

Oprah's hoping to capitalize off the success of her long-running daytime talk show, book club, magazines and radio venture with a new prime-time "pay if forward" show, and she's calling in the favors to do it. New video promoting the series show surprise celeb guest number one: Jennifer Aniston

Give big -- or you go home

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What would you do if you could change someone's life forever. Oprah's "Big Give" debuts on ABC this Sunday ... and the network started hyping the show a little over two weeks ago.

New video posted on Oprah's YouTube channel: http://youtube.com/watch?v=knqoeP3JALI

Inside the new Oprah store

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What would it be like to walk into Oprah Winfrey's consciousness? My colleague and Sun-Times business reporter Sandra Guy tells you:


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