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Stanford coach blames whistle from crowd for missed TD chance

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It looked like a great play by Matthias Farley. Stanford coach David Shaw had other ideas.

With Saturday night's game at Notre Dame Stadium tied 10-10 in the fourth quarter, Stanford drove all the way to the Notre Dame 3-yard line. Facing third-and-2 from the 3, the Cardinal handed the ball to Stepfan Taylor, who was met in the backfield by an untouched Farley for a 7-yard loss. Stanford had to settle for a 27-yard field goal by Jordan Williamson.

Shaw said his team had heard a whistle from the stands, and had given up on the play. And he was none too happy about it, saying it was a common occurrence in South Bend.

"That's why our guys stopped playing," Shaw said. "It was verified, it was heard. The play did not stop. ...  The whistle came from the crowd. I don't know what can be done about it. I've heard from many people it's happened here a few times."

Farley said he never heard a whistle.

"I did not hear a whistle, no sir," he said.

And did he realize Stanford had given up on the play?

"I was pretty focused so I wasn't concerned about it," he said.

Irish coach Brian Kelly also said there was no whistle. And he shrugged off Shaw's suggestion that it's happened before in Notre Dame Stadium.

"Look, I will tell you that I've been in a lot of stadiums, and very rarely do you hear a whistle," he said. "I hear my name a lot, but I usually don't hear a whistle. So I don't know where that came from."

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You sound dumber than Shaw. He hardly blamed the loss on the crowd whistle. I've been at a collegiate where this has happened - some idiot blowing a whistle in the crowd.

Some Michigan fans think it's happened at ND before.

David Shaw has absolutely no class at all !

C'mon, post game interview your bringing this up and making it sound like its a known problem that has occurred many times.

I couldn't see Nick Saban or Urban Meyer trying to blame a call for a loss, these guys know sometime's things, and yes bad calls don't go your way but give your opponent credit for playing competitively and move on.

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