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Louis Nix keeping his quarterback dream alive

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Notre Dame nose guard Louis Nix III wants a chance to beat Oklahoma backup quarterback Blake Bell.

"I would love a one-on-one matchup with him," Nix said. "I think it'd be fun."

But really, Nix wants a chance to BE like Bell, the Sooners' 6-6, 254-pounder featured in the so-called Belldozer package.

Maybe call it the Earth Louver? The Cement Nixer?

"The Irish Chocolate package," Nix said, referring to his Twitter persona. "One of these days, (Irish coach Brian Kelly) might come around, he'll give me the ball. I'll get in there on fourth-and-1 or whatever. When I do it then, he'll just keep giving it to me. I might throw it around a little bit."

Nix, naturally, was the comedic star of the NFL Films special on the Irish that aired before the Stanford game two weeks ago. He regaled the media with the tale of his youngest brother, who did a report in school about how he was related to the starting quarterback at Notre Dame.

Nix wants to turn that report into non-fiction.
"If they put me at quarterback, he'll be right," Nix said. "His teacher can't say, 'No, he's not (the quarterback).' I want to make my brother right. He said it wrong, but if I'm at quarterback, his presentation should get an A."

And no, he's not kidding. 

"I do want to get in at quarterback one time in my life," he said.

Hey, who'd be able to stop him? Other than Brian Kelly, that is.


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