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Kelly trying to avoid the trap by keeping things consistent

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After dealing with midterms and Stanford preparations all last week, i's fall break at Notre Dame. But Brian Kelly is making sure very little changes as his team prepares for BYU this Saturday.

"We keep it to 20 (hours)." he said. "We don't want to change the routine. We bring them in. We don't want them sleeping till 1. We got them out here right now, we had brunch at 11. They have some captain-led film study today. We're keeping them around, but we don't want to turn it into a situation where the've got to be here, like an NFL team. We want them to relax a little, as well."

Kelly was asked if he thought the quiet campus would help the Irish avoid the dreaded "trap game" by not hearing classmates chatter about the Irish's No. 5 ranking, and the looming showdown at Oklahoma next Saturday. 

"Nope," Kelly said. "I think it's a trap game each week if you think that you can take a breather. If you think, 'I can take a breather now, it's mid-semester break.' We're screwing things down tighter. If that locker room is a mess, it's going to be a long practice today. And they know that. If the game room looks like a pig sty, it's going to be a long practice. My point is this: I think
they're all trap games, every single one of them, if you take a breather. If you just stay on course, continue to do what you're doing, we'll be fine."

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