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Gaudy uniforms bother fans a lot more than players

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Perhaps no Notre Dame player has his finger on the pulse of Notre Dame fans quite like Louis Nix III, Twitter icon and Facebook discussion enthusiast. And the star and director of YouTube's "Chocolate News" knows exactly what most of you think about the gaudy uniforms the Irish will be wearing Saturday against Miami at Soldier Field.

"Knute Rockne is rolling over in his grave and all that type of stuff," Nix said.

Here's the thing, though: "I like them personally, and I don't care much about people's opinions," Nix said. "I've got to play in them, and I enjoy them. I think it's a good change-up. It's like once a year. It's not really a big deal to me. I think they're real nice and I can't wait to play in them."

The off-center, two-tone helmet with the oversized, forward-facing leprechaun seems to have drawn the most ire from Irish fans. Of course, the uniforms are for the younger generation -- the ones that can't get enough of Oregon's day-glo unis, for example -- not the older set. 

But frankly, even most of Notre Dame's players offered up a collective shrug. 

"The uniforms, really, I don't really care what I put on," cornerback Bennett Jackson said. "It doesn't really bother me much."

Defensive end Kapron Lewis-Moore agreed.

"I'm not a big uniform guy," he said. "I've seen a lot of different uniforms. I'm just ready to play."

But when a reporter suggested that maybe Lewis-Moore found them as over-the-top as many fans do, the captain quickly went into damage-control mode, like any good politician would.

"I think they're nice," he quickly said. "They're real nice jerseys."

And the helmets?

"Helmets are nice, too," he said with a wry smile. "I like the helmets."

The way coach Brian Kelly sees it, Halloween simply is coming a little early for his football team.

"I love them," receiver Robby Toma said. "Me and Coach were talking earlier. He said October's the month when kids get to dress up. So it's our one time to dress up and we're going to enjoy it."

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Hey ‘Anonymous ND student’ - As parent who PAYS THE TUITION of a Notre Dame student, and who is constantly contacted for ND fundraising campaigns, it IS my business what the team wears. Do you pay any of your tuition, you sniveling (Anonymous) coward?

I have been to 20+ games, and will probably be attending games long after you stop watching them on television (if you even bother to get that involved) . Therefore, I will do more than suggest that these hideous outfits are no longer worn; I will actively campaign to keep the icons of Notre Dame from being disparaged in the future.

By the way, your last sentence does not even make sense grammatically – I doubt you really go to Notre Dame.

I like them! They look pretty good on my screen. As a grad and a fan, the uniforms add another positive element to a very exciting, fun to watch, season.


Come one, everyone. Let's just admit it. You can't mess with the Notre Dame helmet!! The uniforms, maybe, but not the helmet. Did anyone see "Rudy"? This is heresy, perhaps literally.

As a Notre Dame student, and therefore in a more relevant position to comment on this than anyone not associated with the football team or the administration, please stop insulting my athletic director and my university. It's none of your business what the football team wears. You can have an opinion on the uniforms, but don't even try to suggest that the choice to change what the football team wears for a single, special-event game reflects in any way on the administration, staff, students, and student-athletes of the university I love.

Some words to describe the helmets:
Vile, repulsive, cheap, tawdry, demeaning, offensive, grotesque, gaudy, crass, undignified, disgusting ……. fugly.

Some words to describe the ND Administration who gave the “OK”
Faithless, debasing, contemptuous, shameful, capitulating, perfidious, ignominious, despicable, treacherous, disloyal, injurious, pandering, insulting

These uniforms, and the helmets in particular, are an absolute joke - a real embarrassment to the school and a move that reeks of a desperation to be “hip”. With the unfortunate help of adidas, this ‘special’ uniform is nothing but a pathetic display of form over substance, but hey, at least ND will sell lots of merchandise! Yes, it is one game – but this is how the “progressives” operate – slowly, insidiously, one small step at a time, ALWAYS testing the waters.

Resign? Over uniforms? The single most ridiculous comment I have ever seen.

Well, I don't care what Louis Nix thinks. He knows nothing that counts in this discussion. Swarbrick should resign in shame for these uniforms

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