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Golson not pleased with Kelly's decision

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We won't know what Everett Golson or Tommy Rees thinks about what went down in the final two minutes of Notre Dame's wild 20-17 win over Purdue on Saturday until at least Wednesday, because Brian Kelly decided not to let either of his two quarterbacks address the media (very strange, considering the Irish WON). But Kelly said Golson wasn't terribly pleased to be pulled in favor of the veteran Rees for the game-winning drive.

And that's fine with Kelly.

"Here is what I want," Kelly said. "I want a guy who's upset he wasn't in the game in the end, and he was upset that he wasn't in the game at the end, but he's not selfish. He understands that we support whoever goes in the game. Just like Tommy and Andrew (Hendrix) supported Everett, it's his turn now to support his teammates. That's the way we roll. If you don't support each other, then you won't be a part of what we do. That's what we expect from him and that's what we got."

Kelly said he's not concerned about Golson's confidence after being pulled in such a crucial situation.

And when asked if Golson pled his case, Kelly said: "He wouldn't have had a chance to plead his case. We made the decision."

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