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How Kelly decides who makes travel squad

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It was a simple question that resulted in a long and complex answer. 

So, Brian Kelly was asked, how do you determine who makes the travel team? 

"Those are head coach's decisions," Kelly said. "There are times when I want to carry a guy and reward him for demo squad. He has done a great job and I want to reward him and take him on the trip. The other reason might be, here's a guy who's in the two-deep and sniffing a starting position and I want him to get a sense and feel for what it's like to be on the road and see it from another perspective.

"There's some others that have a geographical significance in that we want to bring a guy because he's from that geographical area and we really like what he has done with the program.

"The final one is probably that you are in an emergency backup situation. We don't want to go down this road. We don't want to play you. But if we have to you have to be with us."

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