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USC game plan will have to wait

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Brian Kelly won't begin installing his game plan for an Oct. 22 matchup against USC during the bye week. Instead, he'll focus on what he believes his team needs while beginning to familiarize players with basic plays and defenses used by the Trojans.

"We want to keep within our normal pattern," he said. "I don't like to introduce too much too early. What we'll try to do is we'll take their base runs and passes, and their base defenses, and we'll run them ourselves. 

"For example, if they run some two-by-two combination routes, I'm sure I've got a couple of those in my offense that we'll run against our defense without going into a scout-team situation and a demo squad. We are going to stay away from doing that and really go 11 on 11 so we get some good speed work.  That's what I'm referring to more so than going scout team this week. "

Kelly said the schedule for the bye week will include weight lifting on Monday and Tuesday, 11-on-11 scrimmaging Tuesday and also briefly on Wednesday before players receive a few days off.

"We'll unveil our game plan on Monday with that being a bonus day for us, and that will be the official USC full-blown practice," Kelly said. 

Kelly welcomes the bye, especially after a week filled with exams. He said freshman need it most.

"We need a break," Kelly said. "Our kids, they have got a lot on their plate. As I said, we had a very stressful week this week. You know, they will have the bye week and then mid-winter break and that's going to be key for our guys to just relax a little bit.
"You have to understand, Aaron Lynch, those kids have been up here on campus since June 16. They have not been home since June 16, and that's hard for an 18-year-old kid. This break comes at a good time for our guys to get home and see their families a little bit.  Any momentum that is lost in that is gained by our guys getting a chance to get home."

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