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Kelly apologizes to offended players

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During team meetings on Friday, coach Brian Kelly apologized to players he offended with comments made to the media on Thursday, the Sun-Times has confirmed.

Players took to their Twitter accounts to express their disappointment and disgust at Kelly's comments, some even suggesting they were now playing for themselves from this point on. 

Kelly attempted to diffuse the situation during Friday's team meeting, according to a source, with hopes that the fissure won't contribute to a fourth loss to Navy in the past five years when the Midshipmen visit Notre Dame Stadium later today.

Kelly was trying to explain that his team wasn't playing or preparing the way he wants when he made the offending comments.  

"They've all bought in, every single one of them has bought in," he said. 

"I coach a style of football that I want played, and we're not getting that style. A lot of the guys that are here, we're retraining.

"Some of them can't do it. It's our job to get them to do it. Some of them won't do it, and it's our job to take care of that."

Later, Kelly said: "You can see the players I recruited here. You know who they are. We've had one class of recruiting, kids that I've had my hand on. The other guys here are coming along, but it's a process. It can't happen over night. They're getting there. They're making good progress."

Saying their were being "retrained" and were "coming along" were the buzz words that bothered veteran players. 

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