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If Purdue fans mad at Eifert before ...

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If Greg Eifert lost friends when his son chose to play for Notre Dame instead of Purdue he no-doubt lost a few more when Tyler Eifert scored the touchdown that doused any hope of a Boilermakers rally during Notre Dame's 38-10 win at Ross-Ade Stadium on Saturday night.

"There have been people I consider lifelong friends that I've known for 30 years and it's hard to get them to talk to me anymore," Greg Eifert said. "It's very interesting. These guys are diehard Purdue people who can't believe I wouldn't have pushed Tyler to go to Purdue. I tell them it was his decision, not mine. Mine was 30 years ago and I picked Purdue."

Greg was in Gene Keady's first recruiting class and was a starter on the first of Keady's six Big Ten Championship basketball teams at Purdue. While Greg said Keady only teases him good naturedly about Tyler spurning his alma mater, other Purdue supporters saw it as a betrayal.

"I've always been a Boilermaker, but when your son is at Notre Dame, it's hard not to root for the Irish," Greg Eifert said.

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True 'friends' would not act like spoiled children. I graduated from a diff. Indiana university but am a die hard ND fan living in Calif. Most of my friends are USC grads who treat me better than that. One of my best friends even bought some upscale ND sportswear for my last birthday...that took guts!!!
I think Tyler is a great player,and will be a critical factor in returning ND football to prominence & a possible national championship. That would not happen at Purdue, Those non-friends then will have something to stew about, and you can revel in the fact you have many 'unmet' friends on the 'leftcoast,' greatful for your son's decision to attend The Univ. of Notre Dame!

Mr Eifert, If these people had truly been your friends for 30+ years, then something like this shouldn't matter. They are the ones who are betraying your friendship. I would say to hell with them, personally. That's just me. BTW - I like Tyler's decision to come to ND. He is going to be something really special.


The score was 38-10.

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