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How players, coaches will spend bye week

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After today's practice players and coaches will take some time away from the field during Notre Dame's bye week.

Coach Brian Kelly will hit the recruiting trail before heading to ESPN headquarters to do some interviews later in the week. Then he'll return to South Bend to spend time with his young family before preparations begin for USC on Monday.

A majority of players will head home to re-charge their batteries.

"Mentally, you have to get your players some rest," Kelly said. "It's not just physical. Everything seems to think of the physical element. These guys are in a pretty good place. It was 80-something degrees on Saturday and you didn't see much fatigue from either team because we're pretty acclimated. I've always felt it's the mental end of things you look for both for your players and your coaches."

The other focus will be on self-scouting to eliminate tendencies opponents will try to exploit during the all-important second half of the season.

"The second thing is doing a good job self-scouting," Kelly said. "What are you doing? What have you done the first six weeks? Where can you break tendencies and maybe change some things up as far as what you're doing on both offense defense and special teams. I've always looked at the mental health of your football team and internally how you can break some tendencies."

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