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Rees accepts blame for interception

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Tommy Rees' first interception in Saturday's 23-20 loss to South Florida bounced off TJ Jones' helmet before Michael Lanaris made a diving interception at the Bulls 4-yard line early in the fourth quarter. Jones was not looking for the ball on the play.

So, whose fault was it?

"It's on both of them really," Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly said. "When it comes down to it, the quarterback can't throw the ball to a receiver that's not giving him his eyes. At the end of the day, the responsibility of the football remains with the quarterback ...

"They just weren't on the same page. Again, it's one of those things that you scratch your head, because we've run the route so many times and it's never happened before; it happened on Saturday."

Kelly said he and his coaching staff would evaluate how they are teaching and communicating the play. Rees doesn't think it's that complicated.

"The bottom line is it's on me," Rees said. "I'm the quarterback. You have to take accountability when things go wrong. TJ ran a good route. I threw it a little too early and obviously you saw how the play resulted. It's important for receivers to know you have their back and they can trust you. That play was on me so I'm going to take full responsibility for it. As a quarterback, that's something you have to do. You can't worry about what coach Kelly is going to say. You just have to go out there and bounce back."

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