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Kelly has confidence in Riddick

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Theo Riddick will continue to return punts for Notre Dame despite muffing one and bobbling another in his debut against South Florida.

"We will continuing to go to Theo," Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly said. "The thing that he has to work on, obviously, is his body language. He can't get down on himself. We're going to keep coming to him. He's going to be our guy. He has got to fight through a very difficult set of circumstances that were presented him."

Riddick's struggles as a punt returned impacted his performance as a receiver. He lost track of his fundementals, according to offensive coordinator Charley Molnar. The result was three catches for 32 yards for the player who is expected to be Notre Dame's No. 2 receiver behind Michael Floyd.

"I just have to improve on lookin it in," Riddick said. "That's what I have to do. I don't feel it was a tracking thing. That's just an excuse. I've just got to do my part."

Coaches had had Riddick catch balls one handed while holding another ball. They throw towels and bags at him when he's setting up under a punt in an attempt to distract him. 

"I just had a bad day," Riddick said. "It's a first-time thing. I just have to move on and do better next time."

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