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How did Gallon get so wide open?

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Notre Dame's 35-31 loss to Michigan on Saturday night was one of those epic games that makes you wake up three nights later remembering a play that seemed huge at the time but had been temporarily forgotten.

What I'm still trying to figure out is how Jeremy Gallon got so wide open on the 64-yard catch and run that set up the game-winning touchdown. When during Sunday's conference call it was suggested that Notre Dame had blown a coverage, coach Brian Kelly said: "So you knew what the coverages were?"

The question Kelly was being asked related to whether he would choose different coverages if he had to do it again.

"Again, we go to the fourth quarter, they've got about 150 yards in total offense. They made some big plays. One of them was an amazing play by Denard Robinson. We had him wrapped up, ready to pull him down, he makes a great throw in man coverage. 

"I mean, you want to be better in coverage, there's no question. But the guys that we've got out there, I promise you there's not three All Americans that we have on the bench."

Later during the conference call, Kelly addressed what happened on Michigan's second-to-last offensive play.

"They ran a double-post wheel," Kelly said. "We squeezed hard on the curl. The wheel out-flanked our defense. There's a couple of key coaching points on how you play that route. It's a very common route. It's not like it's something we haven't seen before. So we'll address that with those guys that were responsible for it."

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