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Kelly prepping team for rule changes

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Coach Brian Kelly is preparing his team for three new rule changes in place for the 2011 season, the most controversial of which involves excessive celebration.

Under the new guideline, if a player taunts an opponents or performs an excessive celebration that draws attention to himself en route to the end zone, he will be penalized at the spot of the foul and the touchdown will be taken away.

"I know what they're trying to do with the rules," he said. "I don't know if I was a voting member how I would come out on that, but I don't have much say in it so I roll with it."

Another change calls for a team that commits a penalty that stops the clock with less than one minute left in either half to be subject to a 10-second runoff. This is to keep teams from purposely committing penalties to stop the clock. 

In an effort to increase player safety, rules makers have also limited the times players can block below the waist. 

"We've spent time on it," Kelly said of the excessive celebration rule. "It's obviously a significant rule, whether it's at the 1 yard line or the 1 and a half yard line. How that's going to be legislated, I think, it's up to each crew, but we've gone over it with our players, how significant it is to have a touchdown called back and add 15 yards in penalties. So we've added it to our script as well as the 10-second rule, the run-off rule, which affects the offense and the defense. So a couple of those rules we have to be on our toes relative to game management and specifically the 10-second rule."

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