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Kelly addresses Miami scandal

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Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly had this to say when asked about the scandal enveloping the Miami program. 

"It's obviously not good for college football," Kelly said. "You can't put a good spin on it. What I can tell you is there are a lot of good football coaches out there who believe in recruiting the right kids --- kids that understand and recognize the value of getting an education first --- [and that] can alleviate some of those things. 

"That's not to say the kids at Miami didn't want to go to school but they had other things in mind, too. As a coach, as a program, you recruit guys who understand they are coming to a school to get a degree and the value of that degree and what it costs and play football.

"The rest of that stuff, we have to be more vigilant --- everybody."

Notre Dame defeated Miami 33-17 in the Sun Bowl last year and is scheduled to play them at Soldier Field during the 2012 season.

"The penalties have to be severe for people who don't play by the rules," Kelly said.

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remember the 80's, Miami has always been a rogue school. Miss Dunbar was neither a ND grad or a real booster, she paid a small amount of money to be in a club that anyone could have been in. The club no longer exists, she was not allowed to hang at practices or be on the sidelines during games and was more a "girlfriend" to one or more players. Yet ND took responsibility and Lou took hit and the incident was self reported. On the other hand Miami' s coaches , athletic dept., and director obviously knew what was going on..... I didn't see or hear about all the other grads at Miami being given the freedoms that this cheater got. You are obviously a hater, are you upset your team got smoked in the Sun Bowl last year. I'm sure Miami will let you take his place if you promise to be more discreet!

Strong (and irresponsible) words from somebody who has two deaths on his watch: Declan Sullivan ("Gusts of wind up to 60 mph. Well today will be fun at work. I guess I've lived long enough. Holy (blank). Holy (blank). This is terrifying.") and Lizzy Seeberg (Lizzy, a 19-year-old student at Notre Dame's sister school, St. Mary's College, took her life Sept. 10, days after she reported to university police that she'd been improperly touched by a football player on the night of August 31.). Its a good thing Notre Dame has never had rogue boosters that may have given illegal benefits to its players. Oops (

harsh penalty... just like Mike Flyod right coach... what about ND players raping a girl and killing a student..

clean up your own school

Kimberly Dunbar ring a bell? or maybe you do not know the history at Notre Dame

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