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USA Today: Swarbrick says he won't ask Brian Kelly to resign

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With criticism of Notre Dame and coach Brian Kelly from the local and national media increasing in the aftermath of Declan Sullivan's death in a video tower accident last week, Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick told USA Today columnist Christine Brennan that he will not resign nor will he ask Kelly to resign.

"The fact that Declan died in this tragic accident means we didn't do all we can," Swarbrick said. "There's no attempt or no interest in moving away from the fact that we should have, we must have, been able to do something to protect Declan. We'll think about that the rest of our lives.
The current investigation into the accident is expected to reveal the protocol that was or was not followed -- if any protocol existed at all -- on Oct. 27, when the video toward Sullivan was using to tape Notre Dame's practice toppled in high winds.

"The process worked one day and didn't work the next," Swarbrick said. "I don't know all the information that went into the Wednesday decision. That's why we're doing an investigation.Who knew what about the wind? Who made the decisions? Were the right people engaged?"

Ultimately, though, the decision on firings in this matter will come from higher authorities than Swarbrick.

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