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Brian Kelly: 'Everyone at Notre Dame is cognizant of safety'

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Facing a torrent of criticism over his role in the death of Notre Dame student videographer Declan Sullivan last week, Notre Dame football coach Brian Kelly said ''common sense'' dictates safety issues for his program.

Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick told USA Today columnist Christine Brennan in a story published Thursday that, ''I've been in practice where a coach has brought [the lifts] down.''  Kelly was asked if that's an indication that he is responsible for monitoring that.
''I think everybody uses common sense,'' Kelly said during a press conference Thursday afternoon in South Bend. ''I remember many, many times in my career telling a guy to get the heck down because there was lightning in the area.

''It's still about about common sense in everything we do. I moved a water cooler -- one of those ice-cold water [containers] -- I moved two of those today that were too close to the playing field. I think everybody is cognizant of safety.''

Kelly reiterated his stance the portable hydraulic scissor lifts would not be used until the investigation into the practice accident where Sullivan died has been completed.

Kelly also was asked how he was holding up after the tragedy.

''It's been a tough 10 days,'' said Kelly, though it had only been eight since the accident when he addressed the media after practice on Thursday. ''I've needed the strength of our team, my family and everybody. But we'll get through it. Adversity strikes and you've got to be able to lead during adversity as well.''

Notre Dame does not play this week. The Irish face Utah on Nov. 13 at Notre Dame Stadium.

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