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Brian Kelly: '6-5 is not what I had in mind'

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Asked a general question about his first season as Notre Dame's head coach, Brian Kelly said he expected better.

''6-5 is not what I had in mind,'' Kelly said at his Tuesday morning teleconference. "I look at myself, relative to coaching and critique that on a day-to-day basis. I've got to do a lot of things better. I've got to continue to evaluate myself.

''Notre Dame is a high-profile job. With that comes a great deal of scrutiny. I think I was prepared for that. We got a lot of that [scrutiny] this year.''

Notre Dame will wear green jerseys vs. Army

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The green jersey has a special place in Notre Dame's storied football history as an inspirational ploy, but usually as a surprise tactic. That won't be the case this week. Coach Brian Kelly said Tuesday the Irish will wear green jerseys Saturday when they face Army at Yankee Stadium

Will Brian Kelly succeed at Notre Dame? Too early to tell right now. But two games last weekend showed just how fickle the fate of a college football coach can be:

Kansas 52, Colorado 45

LSU 24, Alabama 21
Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly, under fire in the wake of the death of student videographer Declan Sullivan on Oct. 27, said the criticism doesn't deter him from ''doing the job that I came here to do.'' 

Much of the harshest criticism has come from outside the Notre Dame community. Fox Sports columnist Jason Whitlock, a noted Notre Dame critic, called for Kelly to be fired for his culpability in the accident, in which Sullivan died when a portable tower from which he was videotaping practice toppled in high winds.

''I'm very cognizant of [the criticism] -- it comes with the job,'' Kelly said Tuesday at his weekly press conference in South Bend. ''But it doesn't affect how I go to work every day.

''When I decided to be the head coach at Notre Dame, I knew there would be a great deal of scrutiny. We're under that scrutiny. I recognize that that comes with the job at Notre Dame. But it doesn't deter me from doing the job that I came here to do -- to develop our football team, win football games and get Notre Dame back to the upper echelon of college football.''
Citing ''unfounded and unfair commentary and speculation,'' after the tragic death of Declan Sullivan last week,  Notre Dame president Rev. John Jenkins supported football coach Brian Kelly and indicated Kelly will not be fired as a result of the accident last Thursday at the LaBar Practice Complex.

''Coach Kelly was hired not only because of his football expertise, but because we believed his character and values accord with the highest standards of Notre Dame,'' Rev. Jenkins said in a letter to the Notre Dame community that was made public by the university Friday.

 ''All we have seen since he came to Notre Dame and everything we have learned in our investigation to date, have confirmed that belief. For those reasons, I am confident that Coach Kelly has a bright future leading our football program.''
Facing a torrent of criticism over his role in the death of Notre Dame student videographer Declan Sullivan last week, Notre Dame football coach Brian Kelly said ''common sense'' dictates safety issues for his program.

Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick told USA Today columnist Christine Brennan in a story published Thursday that, ''I've been in practice where a coach has brought [the lifts] down.''  Kelly was asked if that's an indication that he is responsible for monitoring that.
With criticism of Notre Dame and coach Brian Kelly from the local and national media increasing in the aftermath of Declan Sullivan's death in a video tower accident last week, Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick told USA Today columnist Christine Brennan that he will not resign nor will he ask Kelly to resign.

"The fact that Declan died in this tragic accident means we didn't do all we can," Swarbrick said. "There's no attempt or no interest in moving away from the fact that we should have, we must have, been able to do something to protect Declan. We'll think about that the rest of our lives.

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