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Gruden to Notre Dame?

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THIS IS FROM PROFOOTBALLTALK.COM: With each passing hour, speculation is mounting that former Bucs coach Jon Gruden could become the next coach at Notre Dame. Apart from the rumors published recently in the New York Daily News, we're hearing more and more talk pointing to the possibility that something will be going down, apparently right after the Irish's incoming recruiting class give their binding, written commitments to attend the school, on the assumption that Weis will be the head coach. And so, once it's too late for the recruits to change their minds, they might find out that they'll have a new head coach when spring practice opens.

HAYES' TAKE: I know Jon Gruden. I covered him when he was with the Raiders. I think the Notre Dame job does hold some interest for him. There's one problem, however, at least as I see it: Gruden doesn't have the temperament for the college game. He's too intense, too much of a grinder, too much of a 3 a.m. to Midnight man to be able to tolerate rules limiting how much coaches can work with college players. Charlie Weis has said that's the biggest difference between coaching in college and in the NFL. You can only coach players for 20 hours per week in college while that time is unlimited in the NFL. I just don't see Gruden being able to limit his contact with players to 20 hours a week. Maybe I'm wrong. Based on what I know about Gruden,  however, that alone would make Notre Dame --- or any college job --- a poor fit.

Here's what Brian Hardin, Notre Dame's Director of Football Media Relations, told Blue and Gold Illustrated: "It's ridiculous that this rumor has even gained the traction it has over the past few days. I hesitate to respond to it at all because by dignifying this 'report,' I set myself up to be forced to set the record straight on future rumors. But it's obvious that some people out there are trying to sabotage our recruiting efforts and it's unfortunate that their agenda has been published and reproduced in recent days." 

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Gruden was very good Pro coach. College is a different animal. Pete Carroll was not a great Pro coach (Jets), however he excells at the college level. The book is still out on Charlie. Now that he seems to have the "horses", let us see what he can do.
Recruiting is so important. Charlie has good recruiters, how many of them would stay with Gruden?
I think this is a "rumor" to try and confuse some recruits . There are some coaches who will actually do this. (See FLORIDA)

Why is there a Notre Dame blog? I thought the paper was a Chicago one. I'm originally from Indiana and was sick of hearing about Notre Dame there as well.Why not have a blog about the Hoosiers or Boilermakers? They are at least Big Ten teams like Northwestern and the Illini.

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