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Must Reading: What Charlie Learned

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When someone asks Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis an in-depth question he often opts to think about it before answering. Days before the USC game, the South Bend Tribune's Eric Hansen asked Weis to name the most valuable lesson he learned this season. The following quote, published in the Dec. 4 edition of the South Bend Tribune, serves as Charlie's answer.

"Reflecting on this past season, I believe the most valuable lesson I've learned is the importance of putting yourself in a position to help where you are needed the most, rather than managing with an equally balanced approach and spreading yourself too thin.

"As we entered this year, I strived to be more balanced as a head coach, managing all three facets of the game -- offense, defense and special teams. During the 2007 season, we were a young, inexperienced team. I felt we were non-competitive in several games and all three facets of the team contributed to this. After our struggles, as the head coach, I envisioned being more involved in all three facets rather than primarily with the offense.

"This season, the defense has proven to have made considerable progress and has put us in a position to be able to win every single game. I have been pleased with Corwin (Brown) running the defense with guidance from Jon (Tenuta). The successful relationship between these two has allowed me to not have to spend time equally on defense as the other two facets, instead shifting my time, first to special teams and most recently to offense. 

"Though I have seen considerable improvement on offense and special teams over (2007), I feel my time is best spent in these two areas, where I have built considerable expertise during my coaching career. Until we are performing at the highest level, I owe it to the team and the coaching staff to concentrate on these two areas, while also overseeing the program as a whole."

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