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Pregame Syracuse Entry

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It's cold. Twenty-six degrees on my car thermometer. There aren't as many people tailgating. I can't blame them. The ones that are are bundled up pretty good. Most of the snow has been cleared from the stadium but there are piles around the field and there still plenty in the bleachers, especially in the upper decks. 

It will be interesting to see how Jimmy Clausen deals with the weather. He's a Southern California kid, after all, and he really hasn't played in conditions like this. He needs a big game today for obvious reasons. He's thrown six interceptions in his past two games. 


Just talked to longtime ND sports information director John Heisler, who said approximately 100 people shoveled out the stadium on Friday. The problem was, there's no place to put the snow. Can you imagine hauling every shovel full up the stairs and dumping it over the rim? Heisler said that he hasn't seen this much snow inside the stadium since 1964. Wow. The snow piles are especially deep in southwest corner. If a receiver were to catch a fade pass there and get pushed out of bounds, he might end up with a face full.

KEYS TO THE GAME: This is starting to sound cliche, but Notre Dame needs to get off to a quick start. Syracuse has some motivation this week after it was announced coach Greg Robinson would be fired after the season. The Irish need to crush their hope early in the game. The worst thing they can do is let the Orange hang around and think they have a chance.

Hard to believe that Notre Dame can have a statement game against 2-8 Syracuse, but this is one. They need to put a complete game together. It's time. No excuses.

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