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Weis Feels Eyes On Him, Ty's Pain

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Sometimes I'll post news, other times just interesting tidbits that hopefully provide insights into Notre Dame coaches and players. The following falls into the tidbit category.

IN A FISHBOWL: Charlie Weis knew how important recruiting would be to his success as Notre Dame's coach. He also knew he would enjoy recruiting, which isn't true of all coaches. What he didn't realize was that Big Brother would be watching his every move on the recruiting trail --- and everywhere else he went. 
"You can't do anything without it being on the Internet, and recruiting is just one of the subjects," he said. "It's no different than if I go to the movies, to the multi-cinema on Friday night. Your personal life, the Internet is part of that, too."
Weis graduated from Notre Dame. He was an assistant coach on three Super Bowl winners. When he took the Notre Dame job his eyes were wide open, but nothing could've compared him for everything the job entails. 
"As the head coach at Notre Dame, you have to understand that you're a national figure whether you like it or not. There's good and bad that comes with that. You're the head coach of one of the finest universities in the country, and whatever you do is going to be scrutinized, positively or negatively, and it comes with the territory. Probably one of the more disheartening things about it is the fact that you no longer have any personal life because every time you're in public, you're a marked man. I'm not saying that that's all negative. That's just the facts of life, and it brings an added set of circumstances that most other people don't have to deal with, because most times you're scrutinized for how your players play or how they do in the classroom or do they get in trouble. You're scrutinized for those. But in addition, here, there are so many people that either root for us or against us that you have to realize that you're a public figure, and that's the way it goes."

FEELING HIS PAIN: It's easier for Weis to identify with Washington's dismal 0-6 season after the Irish finished 3-9 last season.
"I never wish bad on anyone," Weis said. "It's kind of funny because my wife and I were talking about [recently fired 49ers coach] Mike Nolan last week. I like Mike Nolan, I respect him. We have the same agent. It's important as you get involved in coaching to never wish bad on another coach. I mean, that's really a bad thing, because when you do that, you're wishing bad on him and his family and his assistant coaches and their families, before you even get to the players that are in the program. So I always wish goodwill on everyone."

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