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Carmody on Illini loss, freshmen and Tre Demps

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Bill Carmody addressed several topics in Monday's Big Ten Coaches' Conference call, including Sunday night's loss to Illinois.

"Illinois came in here and really outplayed us from the get-go," the Northwestern coach said. "We still have to regroup and go from here. We've got Wisconsin, who is playing well, and they play differently than Illinois, who plays differently from Ohio State. We just have to get our young guys to really understand the scouting report and try to go out there and win the game."

Carmody when asked about all the freshmen contributing around the conference: "I had four freshman out of my top six guys out there. You have to coach them hard and you have to hold them accountable but they're freshman, so you can play pretty well at Ohio State as freshmen and then come in and not play well last night but you have to keep them up and positive so they can continue to grow. Across the league, there are some very good freshmen. Michigan has a couple freshmen there but since they have veterans who are their star players or productive players not as much is expected of the guys and it's a little easier. But all across you're seeing freshmen have a really good game and get 16 and then they'll get two But most of the guys, this one-and-done stuff, I don't see too much of that, so for the future I think the league is really on solid ground personnel-wise."

Here's what Carmody had to say about redshirt freshman Tre Demps, who had eight points against the Illini.

"He can shoot the ball," Carmody said."He drives it pretty well.He has got to get minutes so he can play and recognize all the things he has to do because last night, for instance, I went back and watched the tape and --- not just Tre, all the young guys --- some of the principles of defense got away from us last night on picks and rolls and hedging and all those things. Plus, he's a pretty strong kid with good legs. He's got to get on the backboards. But he's a tireless worker in the gym and he's going to get better and better. Now, he just has to get the experience. I don't even know if it's maturation or experience or exactly what the word is, but he's going to be pretty good."

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