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Jerry Reinsdorf featured speaker at College of Law graduation

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            A day after the Bulls' playoff run ended against the Philadelphia 76ers, owner and team chairman Jerry Reinsdorf was the featured speaker at Northwestern's College of Law graduation Friday afternoon at the Chicago Theater.

            Reinsdorf, NU Law class of 1960 and White Sox owner and chairman, started the 10-minute speech by ribbing the Sox and Bulls for not playing as well as people had hoped. The Bulls lost their playoff series four games to two and the Sox are 15-17 and in third place in the AL Central.

            "I'm even more pleased that the invitation wasn't reovked the way the Sox and Bulls have been playing," Reinsdorf said. "I've had a lot of people cancel appointments on me. The other night, I drove up to a Motel 6 and they turned the light off."

            Reinsdorf was given 10 minutes to give his speech and "my wife said it was two minutes more than I needed."

            Among the bits of advice he gave to the graduating class:

            "I found out that as you get older, you don't get smarter, you just find fewer things you haven't seen before."

            "When somebody asks you a question, the answer you have to give is 'Why do you want to know?' "

            "You compete against yourself, not against anybody else."

            "The top 10 percent of the people you encounter are not that smart. They're just not as dumb as the other 90 percent."

            "Never ever lie unless its to your spouse -- but even then it's only to be kind."

            "When you're making a deal, leave something on the table for the adversary. Don't take away your adverary's dignity."

            "You canot buy a good reputation, you have to earn it. And you can't sell a bad reputation, because it's yours forever."

            "Clients fire lawyers who seek problems. They never fire lawyers who find solutions."

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