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Kyle Prater cleared for Northwestern spring ball

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            Northwestern wide receiver and USC transfer Kyle Prater received a university waiver Thursday to participate in spring football when it resumes March 26.

            But Prater is still waiting for an NCAA waiver which would allow him to play in the 2012 season. Because Prater transferred from USC, he may have to sit out a year. However, NU coach Pat Fitzgerald has said that Prater may get the waiver based on his reason of transferring: to be closer to his family in Maywood.

            The former five-star wide receiver and Proviso West product may look at running back Amir Carlisle as a good omen, though. Carlisle, a USC transfer, received his NCAA waiver Thursday to play at Notre Dame in 2012.

            If Prater's waiver goes through, he and quarterback Kain Colter can team up for just as productive and explosive quarterback-receiver tandem as Dan Persa and Jeremy Ebert were the past two years. At 6-5, Prater's long arms will prove to be very valuable in grabbing passes away from opposing defensive backs.

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IF Prater would have ran real routes in High School and not just bombs and screens he would be a better receiver. He knew USC had those receivers and chose them anyway. If he couldn't take the hits of the Pac12 how is he going to survive in Northwestern's conference. BEST OF LUCK

Because Kyle left.....I now took his 6th string spot...moving on up!

Kyle was the "weak link" to many many good USC receivers on the roster......he spent more time on Twitter and in the trainers room than than he did on the football field.....he should NOT be granted a waiver as he transferred because he was a bench warmer who got homesick......

Does anyone know what the date is he is expected to find out from the NCAA?

Kyle Prater is a fine young man and NU should be blessed!

USC fans wish Prater well and will continue to follow his collegiate career. At USC Prater played his best during practice. Unfortunately he had a difficult time making plays on Saturday. Hopefully he is over that and will be a productive player for Northwestern. I would take a cautiously optimistic approach with Prater if I were a Wildcat fan.

Transfer rules appear to be dead. USC lost many players due to the NCAA's "free agency" as part of the sanctions where upperclassmen could transfer without sitting out a year. Now we're hearing that Amir Carlisle, a freshmen at USC last season, has been granted a waiver by the NCAA to transfer to archrival Notre Dame without having to sit out a season. That, combined with Prater's waiver has severely handcuffed the NCAA and their ability to require transfers to sit out a year.

USC fans are watching to see how the NCAA handles the waiver request of Josh Shaw from Florida to USC. Will there be a double standard?

With all due respect to young Jeremy Ebert, Kyle Prater is in a league of his own as one of the top five receivers in the country with Woods and Lee at USC one and two. Prater won the lottery getting a chance to play for perhaps the classiest institution in the country. (I am perhaps biased) Not to mention one of the finestmyoung coaches in Fitz! Couldn't happen to two better individuals. KYLE is a surefire NFL wideout and I am confident he will rewrite the Wildcat receiving record book.

Go Cats!
Fight On KP

SD Austin

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