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No lucky charms for Reggie Hearn, Wildcats

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Will the men's basketball team take a cue from the football team and adopt a stuffed animal -- like a monkey -- or some other trinket for luck during the last week of the regular season? Guard Reggie Hearn doesn't think so.

"We could do that, but we'll just come out [Wednesday against Ohio State] and be ready to play and after that look forward to Iowa [Saturday]," Hearn said. "There's no trinket at all, just the knowledge that we have history right before us and it's time to take it."

The football team had a stuffed monkey they toted around the Meineke Car Care Bowl in Houston to ward off the Wildcats' winless bowl game jinx. Each day a different player took a turn carrying the monkey on their back for a day. It didn't work.

But just because the basketball team doesn't have a stuffed animal to carry around doesn't mean they are ignoring their history.

"As a team we are definitely embracing it and we know we have a chance to make history," Hearn said. "For each and very one of us to be a part of that is really special. We're looking forward to making that happen."

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