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Craziness in the Big Ten; Alex Marcotullio, JerShon Cobb updates

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Even though the Big Ten season is only a third of the way through. Wildcats coach Bill Carmody agrees with Illinois coach Bruce Weber that it is a little crazy how no one team has distanced itself yet as the favorite.

Michigan State and Illinois are tied for the top in the Big Ten with 4-1 records, while Ohio State and Michigan are next at 4-2. And then there's a logjam in the middle with Purdue at 3-2 and Indiana, Wisconsin and Iowa are all tied at 3-3.

"It seems like [Big Ten teams] are like the Packers: they're invincible, yet they're not, like Indiana" Carmody said. "By now we should know who the best team is. You do have to look at where the games are played, but the home court isn't as strong a factor as it was in year's past."

On the injury front:

Alex Marcotullio will not play at Wisconsin Wednesday night as he heals from a concussion. Marcotullio, who has also battled a left big toe injury, suffered the concussion during a free-throw attempt in the first half Saturday against Michigan State.

Guard JerShon Cobb, who has tendonitis in his left hip, is available to play against the Badgers, but team officials said it is not know how much time Cobb would get.

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