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Persa's status for Boston College up in the air

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Will he or won't he?

Will Dan Persa start or take any snaps at quarterback Saturday at Boston College or will he sit and make way for sophomore backup Kain Colter?

Is Persa not as healthy as he was telling us during camp and even at Big Ten Media Days two weeks before camp started?

On Monday during the first of coach Pat Fitzgerald's regular press conferences, it was announced that there is a chance Persa won't start against the Eagles. Fitzgerald also said Persa had to be cleared by the team's medical personnel, adding that he wasn't sure what the medical staff would do.

But all along Fitzgerald and Persa have insisted that Persa's right foot has healed and there is nothing else to say.

"We feel confident and we'll see how things go this week," Fitzgerald said. "He's going to do everything in his power to get healthy and get ready to play. If he's ready to go, he'll start. If he's not, he won't. Earth shattering statement right there."

No kidding it was earth shattering. It seemed like a 180 from what everyone had heard all spring and summer and the past two weeks of training camp.

So basically, Fitzgerald said, the team will find out before they leave Friday for Boston whether or not Persa will start and the rest of us will have to wait until just before game time.

After Fitzgerald's portion of the press conference, captains Al Netter, Jordan Mabin and Brian Peters came in for interviews. But Persa, a team captain for the second consecutive year, was absent.

"He's doing rehab," a team spokesperson said.

"The little guy's MIA right now," Peters said.

"I don't know if curious is the right word," Netter said of who might play behind center Saturday morning. "Both are having great reps with the ones, and I think they both are preparing like they're going to be the starting quarterback."

And so we wait until 11 a.m. Saturday to find out.

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