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The Northwestern loss that irked Dan Persa the most

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It has been very well documented that after Northwestern quarterback Dan Persa suffered a season ending injury against Iowa in November the Wildcats went 0-3 to end the season. With Persa sitting on the sidelines trying to rally backup quarterbacks Evan Watkins and Kain Colter, you wonder what loss was the hardest for Persa to digest. Was it the 48-27 loss to Illinois at Wrigley Field? The 70-23 pasting at Wisconsin? Or the 45-38 near miss against Texas Tech in the TicketCity Bowl on New Year's Day?

"Wisconsin, because we got beat so bad," Persa said. "Illinois was tough because it was at Wrigley Field and the bowl game was tough, because it was a bowl game and I wanted to help our team win one. But Wisconsin was the worst because we got embarassed and I couldn't do anything about it.

"Being helpless on the sideline [was difficult] when you're used to being so involved and in the last three games you take a backseat. When that's taken away from you, there's a big gap."

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