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Ald. James Cappleman (46th). | Sun-Times file

Sun-Times columnist Mark Brown reported Friday that Ald. James Cappleman had told the Salvation Army it assistance trucks for feeding the homeless would no longer be welcome in hi Uptown Ward after the end of March.

Brown, talking to the Salvation Army's Capt. Nancy Powers, reported that Cappleman had concerns that the relief trucks were bringing the homeless onto the 46th Ward neighborhood and on Friday, the Salvation Army was ready to comply according to his column:

"He decided he felt the unit was pulling homeless into the area, and he does not want us to feed them. We don't want to be where we're not wanted," Powers told Brown on Friday.

On Saturday, though, the Salvation Army changed its tone, with Powers saying they would continue to serve the neighborhood despite Ald. Cappleman's wishes. Sunday, they clarified, with Brown reporting that:

Upon further consideration, Salvation Army officials have decided to defy instructions from Ald. James Cappleman (46th) to quit feeding the poor in his ward, which he now denies he ever gave.

Buoyed by encouragement from other social service providers and city officials, the Salvation Army's Capt. Nancy Powers said Sunday the charity will continue to send its mobile food truck into Uptown in an effort to help the homeless.

Ald. Cappleman himself waded into the weekend story with a statement on Sunday, posted to his website. Here is Cappleman's statement:

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