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Chicago Police News Affairs said that there have been a number of so-called "wilding" disturbances in the area of Chicago and Michigan Avenues, with an unidentified number of offenders arrested Saturday evening, according to Sun-Times reports. Charges are pending.

Wilding refers to a large group, usually youthful, marauding in a public area to terrorize, fight and generally cause mayhem.

CBS 2 reported earlier in the evening that police swarmed the area near Michigan and Chicago Avenue as an unknown number of youths harassed passers-by and, reportedly, police starting about 7:30 p.m. in an area famously clogged with tourists - particularly on a warm weekend evening.

"They assaulted a Chicago police officer who was on a mounted horse. And all of a sudden, they assaulted the citizens walking the streets - just normal citizens shopping, enjoying the weather," community activist Andrew Holmes, who witnessed the activity, told CBS 2's Chris Martinez. "I caution those parents if their child has been arrested ... You need to think about your child. Just don't say the Chicago police picked on your child, when we watched all the assault going on, especially by teen women."

Wilding episodes last hit the downtown area in the summer of 2011.

Police had no further information late Saturday night on the number of arrests nor those involved. Meanwhile, at least one person was dead and 11 wounded in weekend violence across the city outside of Michigan Avenue.

Contributing: Alison Horton

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