Groupon's tribute to Chicago cyclist Bobby Cann donates to protected bike lanes

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Groupon has launched a 'deal' in honor of Chicago cyclist Robert Cann, who was killed last week by a driver while cycling in River North. Cann, a 26-year-old transplant from New Hampshire, had worked at Groupon's editorial department.

The deal allows purchasers to donate to Active Transportation Alliance's Neighborhood Bikeways Campaign - "which aims to equip Chicago and its residents with a 100-mile network of protected bike lanes by 2015."

Groupon notes that Cann's crash happened near the intersection of Larrabee Street and North Clybourn Avenue, where there are no bike lanes.

"Death can come to us at any time. A meteor can come dashing in from a whirling asteroid belt. The very universe could blink off, just as it once blinked on. In a moment, in a breath, it is over. But living under the stars--a miracle and a wonder that Bobby cherished close in his heart--is not inherently dangerous. So it should be with cycling," writes Groupon's Catherine Bullard in the same type of blurb that Cann used to write himself.

Park Ridge resident Ryne Sanhamel was later charged with reckless homicide and aggravated drunken driving in the crash.

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