Behind the lens: Reporting the Final Bell series

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When news originally broke in March that more than 50 Chicago Public Schools were on a kill list, Sun-Times reporter Lauren FitzPatrick and multimedia reporter Jessica Koscielniak began working on a deep-dive storytelling venture to show the largest toll that cost-reduction plan would take.

The pair spent months interviewing parents, children and community members in three effected neighborhoods for a series, The Final Bell, that looked at the difficulties children will face simply walking to and from school - often crossing gang territories, past open air drug markets and skirting other dangerous situations.

In this video, Koscielniak talks about a number of the images she made during the reporting for the series and provides added insight into the people who told their stories.

You can find Koscielniak on Instagram as herself and on the Sun-Times page. Her images for the series can also be found on Flickr.

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Wish there would have been more than this fluff.

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