Thieves make off with 5 tons of Nutella in Germany

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Thievery is never the right option. But in this case, it may be a case of justifiable spreadicide.

Thieves in the central German town of Bad Hersfeld made off with 5.5 tons of Nutella from a parked trailer late Sunday night. The sticky-fingered crooks' booty is worth about $20,710, though no word on whether that's an accurate street value.

Germans news reports say that this is not the first mass food theft in the area. Thieves also walked off with "several tons" of Red Bull from the same spot and a truckload of coffee in the same town.

From The Local:

Seven pallets loaded with jars of Nutella were stolen from a truck trailer parked in a disused railway station in Niederaula north of Fulda in central Germany some time between Friday afternoon and Sunday night.

When asked whether someone might be stealing the ingredients for an enormous breakfast, Hessian police spokesman Manfred Knoch told The Local: "That's what it looks like."

Of course, this is hardly the first time people have been driven to steal Nutella. College students in New York were making off with/eating at least 100 lbs. a day.

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