Audio, Video round-up: Taking on Rachel Shteir's New York Times slap at Chicago

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Many Chicagoans remain up in arms over Rachel Shteir's New York Times book review of three Chicago books that actually did very little reviewing and a whole lot of complaining about Chicago. Lots of smart folks have broken down the misguided, poorly written screed, including our Neil Steinberg - who Shtier allegedly "reviewed" in her article - and Carol Marin.

But Shteir, who teaches theater at DePaul, had refused to comment on the controversy, aside from one short Q & A with Chicago magazine until last night because the best way to defend your argument that an entire city is a hellhole is to completely cut one's self off from any criticism. But last night when she sat down for an interview with Chicago Tonight and came off exactly like you thought she would. Whatever. Haters gonna hate but it doesn't mean we have to take them seriously.

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