AP photographer files iPhone photos to Instagram in real time from N. Korea

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Screen Shot 2013-04-03 at 7.07.44 AM.png
One of David Guttenfelder's Instagram images of North Korea.

David Guttenfelder, the Associated Press chief photographer in Asia, made a quiet splash a month ago when he began posting Instagram photos in real time from his iPhone inside North Korea.

The extremely secretive company has had little Internet service and even less willingness to allow anyone, particularly foreigners, to report non-vetted information. With the opening of an Associated Press bureau in North Korea in 2012, that dynamic changed just a bit. And while the flow of information is nowhere near open, there are more glimpses coming out of the country.

Glimpses like the reporting Guttenfelder did in March, enabled in part because of Pyongyang's decision to open up 3G wireless service - for foreigners only:

This past week marked my 20th trip to North Korea. It started in 2000 when I accompanied then-US Secretary of State Madelline Albright's visit to meet the late leader Kim Jong Il. During that trip, we were told not to take photos from the bus we traveled in and my hotel window was covered with a black plastic sheet.

So, fast forward to this past week when North Korea's mobile phone service provider, Koryolink, announced that foreigners visiting North Korea will be allowed to bring in their phones and can connect to the internet on the DPRK's 3G network.

Guttenfelder blogs on his experiences and equipment more here. And the Toronto Globe and Mail produced this well-viewed Storify of Guttenfelder's work:

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