Storify: The visitation for Jonylah Watkins

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Chicago Sun-Times reporter Jon Seidel and photojournalists John H. White and Jessica Koscielniak were on hand to report on the public visitation for murdered 6-month-old Jonylah Watkins on Tuesday.

Here is a look at the reporting done from the scene, along with reactions from those who came to pay respects to the little girl killed by gang gunfire.

Covering the visitation of murdered 6-month-old Jonylah Watkins

Sun-Times reporter Jon Seidel - along with hundreds of others - was at the public visitation for Jonylah Watkins on Tuesday. Here are his reports from the scene and the reactions of family, neighbors and media as the 6-month-old victim was remembered.

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Jonylah's funeral program. It says she was "affectionately known as 'Smooch'." Seidel
Today I'll be at the funeral for 6-month-old Jonylah Watkins. People are already lined up outside New Beginnings Church on the South Side.Jon Seidel
Hundreds of mourners expected at funeral for Jonylah Watkins - Chicago Sun-TimesJonylah Watkins' tiny coffin arrived at a South Side church Tuesday morning, as family, friends and total strangers prepared to say goodb...
Hundreds of mourners expected at funeral for Jonylah Watkins: Seidel
Jonylah's casket just arrived at the church. Seidel
Watch this video: RAW: Jonylah Watkins funeral Newman
Jonylah's parents viewing her body. They are dressed in matching white sweatshirts. Father's says, "My baby girl, Daddy love you" on back.Jon Seidel
Earlier, a woman took a sketch of Jonylah into the church. It said "God's Angel."Jon Seidel
Flowers, stuffed animals surround Jonylah's casket in New Beginnings Church, where her visitation has begun.Jon Seidel
From @mitchdudek : 'Emotional' visitation for Jonylah: 'Her death kind of hurt the world': Seidel
Jonylah's family members are sobbing at the front of the church as people continue to stream in.Jon Seidel
From Jonylah's funeral program: "You'll live on in my heart, I'll always remember your smile! -Daddy"Jon Seidel
Ushers at Jonylah's funeral having trouble finding empty seats.Jon Seidel
Funeral for 6-month-old Jonylah Watkins about to begin with "Jesus Loves the Little Children." : Seidel
"Chicago, help this family." - pastor's plea as Jonylah's funeral begins. Seidel
Ald. Willie Cochran at Jonylah's funeral: "Somebody's going to pay for this child being killed."Jon Seidel
Another speaker calls Jonylah "a victim of our culture."Jon Seidel
Pastor at Jonylah's funeral: "If the blood of this baby does not change our lives we are beyond being changed."Jon Seidel
Jonylah's grandmother, Mary Young, sends message to "my neighbors of Chicago." Says "killing one another will no longer be tolerated."Jon Seidel
Mary Young, grandmother of Jonylah: "Now the sacrifice has been made in the slaying of an innocent baby lamb."Jon Seidel

Pastor Corey Brooks' remarks

Corey Brooks preaching, tells church "God is working behind the scenes." Brings up Aurora, Newtown, Hadiya shootings. "Bad things find you."Jon Seidel
Corey Brooks at Jonylah's funeral: "Bad things come to all of our houses."Jon Seidel
Brooks tells crowd at Jonylah's funeral that tragedy "is not at your house yet, but it's searching for you."Jon Seidel
Brooks telling crowd at Jonylah's funeral they've got to believe they can change. "One encounter with Jesus can make the difference."Jon Seidel
Corey Brooks wraps eulogy at Jonylah's funeral by telling the crowd to "find a church."Jon Seidel

Reaction from the community

#Jonylah Had A Beautiful Service #RIHJONYLAHR.I.H Jonylah
#Chicago Mourns 6-Month-Old #JonylahWatkins
The 6 month old bby Girl Who Was Shot 5 Times Was Layed To Rest Today. R.I.P Bby Jonylah Auntie Fiasco
Today Jonylah was laid to rest...still breaks my heartRedbulls & HoneyBuns
Rip JonylahKo
Jonylah ForeverShawn H
Praying for the family of Jonylah Watkins as they prepare to bury their 6 month old baby. Jesus...Jae
@hay_sahn Jonylah forever ? You heard ?Leaflet 3000
#jonylah Muhammad
As much crying went on over the shooting, how many of y'all actually tuned in to watch the service of Jonylah --which was live, might I ask?Jupiter Love

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