Rifle raffle: Little League fundraiser going "gangbusters"

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A Little League in downstate Illinois is holding a fundraising raffle in which the prize is the same style of assault rifle used in the Newton, Connecticut shootings. Needing new equipment and coming off a 2012 fundraiser that only raised $10, the Atwood-Hammond Little League decided to try something a little different for this year's raffle prize: an AR-15 assault rifle. While Charidy Butcher, co-owner of Atwood Armory (the gun shop that donated the rifle), told WAND-TV that any winner will have to go through the same background check as any potential gun buyer, the tickets, which cost $20, have been a hot commodity. Butcher added that the fundraiser is going, "gangbusters" and that people from as far away as Washington state have called to buy tickets. According to Yahoo's The Lookout, a similar fundraiser by Atwood Armory raised $7,000 for a cancer charity. Atwood straddles the line between two counties downstate, Douglas and Piatt, both of which went to Mitt Romney by a two-to-one margin in last year's presidential elections.

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