Virginia couple seeking Pat Robertson look-a-like for bedroom romp

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robertson_Jan18.jpgThe old saying is "different strokes for different folks." So it goes for this couple that posted an ad on the Norfolk, Virginia Craigslist board seeking an adventurous couple to join them in bedroom frolicking. That's not so unusual for Craigslist. Where it gets weird is what this new couple would be enlisted to do. From the ad:

We would like the man to dress up and play the part of Pat Robertson and the female to wear a tight blue dress and act like she is a sales spokesperson on Home Shopping channel. My husband I would be naked and making love in our bed all the while Pat Robertson will be constantly attempting to save our souls and the female to have ongoing dialogue trying to sell us an Ab Rocket in 3 easy payments.

Knowing Craigslist, it's not outlandish to think of this as fake; nor is it outlandish to believe this is real. Either way, good for you, Norfolk couple. You've managed to entertain us and simultaneously find a way to likely aggravate the man who said Hurricane Katrina was God's punishment for American abortion policies.

[via UPROXX]

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