Map: CPS report on school utilization shows enrollment data

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A new report by CPS analyzing school enrollment has determined which schools are:


The school's enrollment is less than 80% of its ideal capacity


The school's enrollment is between 80% and 120% of its capacity


The school's enrollment is more than 120% of its ideal capacity

Use this map to examine the utilization status of schools in your area. These definitions refer to the criteria shown in the map:

Utilization rate: The school's enrollment as a percentage of its ideal capacity

Performance level: How the school has performed academically. Levels 1 (poorest) through 3 (best).

Allotted homeroom classrooms: Ideally, 70-75% of a school's classrooms should be homerooms. A school's ideal capacity is determined by multiplying the number of homerooms by 30 students.

Allotted ancillary classrooms: Other types of rooms such as laboratories, special education rooms, etc.

Source: CPS

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