From the archives: 20 Photos of Richard J. Daley, 36 years after death

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Mayor Richard J. Daley at an election campaign rally Feb. 3, 1975. Photo by John Tweedle.

Today, December 20, 2012, marks the 36th anniversary of the death of former mayor Richard J. Daley. Below are some photos of the mayor whose shadow still looms over Chicago today.

Mayor Richard J. Daley scowls on the floor of the Democratic National Convention a night after disorders brokeout outside the Hilton Hotel, August, 1968

Richard J. Daley arrives at City Hall on his first day in office. Late For Work (photo by Dave Mann April 21, 1955)

August 26-30, 1968 photo of then Mayor Richard J. Daley greeting the delagates at the Ampitheatre at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago

Mayor and Mrs. Richard J. Daley parents of the bride, leave for a reception at the South Shore Country Club


March, 1975 photo of then Mayor Richard J. Daley welcoming shriners to a Chicago convention

A August, 1974 photo of then Mayor Richard J. Daley during a recent baseball clinic sponsored by the Mayor's Summer Program and the Chicago Park Dist.

A June 4, 1975 photo of then Mayor Richard J. Daley in the 1500 block of West Jackson, behind a tennis racket

A September 12, 1963 photo of then Mayor Richard J. Daley at City Hall when he was presented with gift sombreros by a Mexican Charros group

Mayor Richard J. Daley with sons and grandchildren wait for President Ford at O'Hare Airport

Presdient Harry Truman, John Sengstacke and Mayor Richard J Daley in the Bud Billiken Parade

In this Oct. 30, 1974 file photo, Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley, left and his son, Richard M. Daley

In this Nov. 1, 1974 file photo, world heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali, right, amuses Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley

In this March 1963 file photo, Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley, left, stands beside President John Kennedy

Chicago White Sox manager Marty Marion and the Chicago Cubs' Stan Hack greet Mayor Elect Richard J. Daley April 10, 1955.

Mayor Richard J. Daley celebrates the start of his 16th year as Mayor of Chicago with his three sons helping him to cut a huge cake.

Richard J. Daley is sworn in as the new Mayor of Chicago with his wife and children in the front row seats (lower left) April 21, 1955. Chicago Sun-Times Library File

Mayor Richard J. Daley gets quite a kick out of trying out the driver reaction test at the Chicago Automobile Show at the Chicago Amphitheater on February 25, 1967.


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I'm trying to find out more information on Dave Mann, who took the photo at City Hall. Was he a Sun Times staff photographer? Does the paper hold the rights to his work?

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