New York Post front page too far? Newspaper prints photo of man about to be struck by subway train

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The New York Post is catching a lot of flak for publishing today's cover photo of Ki Suk Han moments before he was fatally struck by a subway train.

Han, a married father of one, was pushed onto the tracks Monday afternoon. Surveillance video shows the two engaging in a brief altercation before the unknown man dealt Han the fatal shove. Onlookers told the Post that Han frantically tried to hoist himself back onto the platform before getting pinned by the train.

The man who shot the chilling photo told the Post, "I just started running, running, hoping that the driver could see my flash."

Han's wife says she argued with her husband before the tragedy but when she tried to call him after their 11 a.m. fight, he never picked up.

What do you think of the photo? Did the New York Post go too far in making it their cover?

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