The First Snow-el: Re-acclimating to Winter in Chicago

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Michael R. Schmidt~Sun-Times Media

Chances are you are well aware of the approaching snow, especially if you're active on Twitter. There are people freaking out, there are people freaking out about freaking out, people excited, people not so much, etc. Everyone has an opinion on the weather and if it is or isn't a big deal. But today's snow is sort of important. It's set to snap the city's longest-recorded snowless streak (over 290 days since our last measurable snow) and with high winds expected, conditions could make traveling quite treacherous as people start to make their way out of town for the holiday. So it's been a while, is what I'm saying, and with that, there may be a need to re-acclimate yourself with certain aspects of Chicago winter.

For instance, here's a nifty interactive map that shows you where the city's 2-inch and overnight park ban are in effect and another interactive map below that shows the 2-inch route bans. (If you're a more text-oriented person, we've got some embedded PDFs at the bottom.)

There's also the city's fun Plow Tracker which will kick in once the snow hits the ground with live-tracking of plows out on the route.

If you're flying out, this map from the FAA shows many delays but it's still best to check with your airline.

As for traffic, here's an updated Google Map of current traffic conditions.

And that's it. Chances are you've done this before so there's no need to worry. And if this is your first snow in Chicago, don't worry, you'll be fine.

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