Wacker Drive reopens to soothe Friday morning rush hour

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Graphics editor Max Rust put together this guide on lower Wacker Drive finally opening back up, just in time for the Friday morning commute.

Graphics aside, anyone who works or travels through Downtown Chicago knows what this really means: freedom. Freedom to actually walk on real sidewalks and drive unimpeded on city streets. From Tina Sfondeles' report:

The pedestrians at 57 high-rise buildings who depend on Wacker Drive for access won't have to use temporary sidewalks. And the 65,000 vehicles that travel daily on upper and lower Wacker Drive will be free to roam once again -- even those 11 CTA bus routes that were rerouted during construction.

On Friday, the Wacker-Van Buren intersection, the Congress Parkway interchange and the entire length of Upper and Lower Wacker Drive will open, as the $303 million project takes its bow.

It's not often that Friday happy hour comes during the morning rush.

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