The Evening Rush for November 29, 2012

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The United Center, awash in fiery splendor // Sun-Times Photo, Tom Cruze

Here are some of the stories that caught our attention during the work day for November 29, 2012.

• Blah blah State Rep. La Shawn Ford blah blah bank fraud blah blah indicted Illinois politician. [Sun-Times]

• Also shocking: lots of people don't like Governor Milquetoast. In fact, so few that he's the "most unpopular governor" in the nation, according to one poll. [Sun-Times]

• The Congress Theatre, already a paragon of entertainment virtue, has defaulted on a $4 million loan. [WBEZ]

• A Will County judge who was caught using his work computer to view hardcore porn admitted to being addicted to porn since childhood and not realizing you could just watch it on your personal smart phone thus not getting in trouble for looking at hardcore porn on a work computer. [Sun-Times]

• The city's most expensive condo has been sold for $15 million to Citadel's Kenneth Griffin. No word if it includes a moat, carousel, or indoor water park features. But it should. [Tribune]

• The price tag on the investigation into the death of David Koschman - killed after a fight with Richard M. Daley nephew Richard Vanecko - has topped $585,000. [Sun-Times]

• Despite recent struggles, Groupon is still wheelin' and dealin', including a new partnership with Major League Baseball meaning there's a better chance that the White Sox might fill their stadium past half capacity. [Crain's]

• Community radio station CHIRP has launched a spiffy new website. [CHIRPRadio]

• There's a small local groundswell of support for Northern Illinois star Jordan Lynch for Heisman. [ChicagoSide]

• BRIGHT ONE: Mark Brown takes on the loony circus that is the Mel Reynolds "Redemption" campaign. [Sun-Times]

• TO DO: Sudoku; Weather (In a word: subdued); Transit (in a word: okay)

• FINALLY: At one time, the U.S. military wanted to nuke the moon. [CNN]

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