Storify: Your reaction to the CTA fare hike



The CTA announced today that it is raising the price of its weekly and monthly passes under the $1.39 billion budget it unveiled Tuesday. Weekly passes will increase from $23 to $28, and 30-day passes will jump from $86 to $100. CTA riders had a predictably negative response.


I'm appauled that this increase is being implemented. Many of us who ride the trains on a regular basis, rely on the CTA to ge to work/school/shopping etc., and are on a limited budget as it is. How do you justify increasing the monthly pass by $14 to $100?? Will this apply also to studen fares and seniors? What a farce! My children enjoy going into downtown every now and then with me and we love the one day FUN passes because it is the most convenient way to travel several neighborhoods at once and do our shopping and enjoy our city. Increasing the daily passes by $4.25 is prepostorous!

I realize the CTA is cash strapped and MUST do something but to jump from 5.75 for a One Day pass to 10.00 is VERY narrowly short of ROBBERY. And this affects those people that are out of work the MOST, they are the ones who buy a One Day to go to a job fair they heard about or an interview from a company that just called them, so they may not necessarily buy a 7 day or monthly!!!
As an employed person whose job actually provides Transit Subsidy, I am indeed blessed but my heart goes out to all the Chgo residents barely making it, the working poor, who budget just got squeezed a little tighter.

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